Instructions on burning CD's

Instructions on burning CD's

After downloading the CD file you will get a .rar document. First you must expand this document. This can be done with most expanders. The result of this action will be a folder containing:

1. A series of music files in flac format, numbered in the order they should be burned in the CD.

2. A .pdf document that can be used for printing the cover (for a thin CD box as well as the traditional jewel case) and the back of the CD box (for a traditional jewel case).

3. Images in jpg of the cover and for printing the CD itself, if you so choose.

Many disc burning programs will handle the flac files. However, these can also be transformed to wav (PC) or aif (Mac), if you want to. The flac format is not very "Mac friendly" at this time, but programs exist to turn them into aif. The one I use to change between formats is XLD. This can be downloaded for free at these pages:


When you are ready to burn the CD, it is very important that you do no leave any gap between the music files. If you do, some of the music will not burn properly. For example, there will be a gap between the 3rd and 4th movements of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The disc burning software should have an option for defining gaps between tracks. It should be 0.