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Beethoven Piano Cto. No. 5 in Eb Major Op.73 "Emperor"
Beethoven Violin Cto. in D Major Op. 61
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Edwin Fischer
Yehudi Menuhin

Philharmonia Orchestra - London 1951 and 1953
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Fischer and Furtwängler: two giants. This is a legendary "Emperor". It is too bad it isn't live. One can only imagine the fireworks that could have been. Still, even as a studio recording, it is a truly great one. Unfortunately, the sound of this recording has always been dry and shrill. It was very difficult getting a good sound, but I think I have managed it. I did have to put in a little ambience, but the result is stunning not perfect, but compared to what I had been used to, a revelation. I even feel the interpretation is better than I thought before doing this.

I was also working on the Violin Concerto recording with Menuhin with the Philharmonia Orchestra from 1953. Unfortunately, I felt that there was a bit too much surface noise to offer it for sale. However, the sound results were so beautiful that I decided to share it. So, I am putting it with the "Emperor" at a price consistent with just the Piano Concerto. So, one can say that the Violin Concerto is free. Both don't fit in one CD, so those that still burn will have to use two CDs. The interpretation is not as strong as that of the "Emperor", but certainly worth having.