Wagner Orchestral Excerpts - Berlin Philharmonic
Tannhauser Ov. 1951
Tristan & Isolde Pr. & Liebestod (3 versions: Nov. 1942, April 11954 and May 1954)
Meistersinger Pr. (2 versions: Feb. 1942 and Dec. 1949)
Siegfried's Funeral March 1949
Parsifal Karfreitagszauber 1951

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - 1942 to 1954
Sample in mp3
Sample in mp3
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This download has 109 minutes of music. It has all the Wagner orchestral excerpts played by the Berlin Philharmonic that I know. I think I have done a very good job with these restorations, in particular with the Parsifal Karfreitagszauber, which is rare and with very bad sound. All these excerpts are extraordinary interpretations, including all three Preludes and Liebestods from Tristan & Isolde. I don't think that Furtwängler could ever do that piece anything less than amazing. The Funeral March from 1949 is my favorite recording of this work by Furtwängler for its strength and drama, only approached in the La Scala Ring. Also surprisingly good is the studio recording with the Vienna Philharmonic from 1950.