Wagner Orchestral Excerpts - Vienna Philharmonic Disk1
Flying Dutchman Overture 1949
Tannhauser Overture (2 versions: 1949 and 1952)
Lohengrin Prelude 1954
Meistersinger Prelude 1949
Meistersinger Prelude Act III 1950
Meistersinger Dance of the Apprentices 1949
Disk 2
Ride of the Valkyries 1949
Siegfried's Rhine Journey (2 versions: 1949 and 1954)
Siegfried's Funeral March (2 versions: 1950 and 1954)
Siegfried Idyll 1949

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - 1949-1954
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Sample in mp3
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These are all “studio” recordings at the Musikverein, a legendary venue. These makes them, in general, less expressive and exciting as the Berlin recordings in 1177. However, they have very good sound and fewer orchestral mistakes, as is logical. They are beautifully played. In this set the Funeral March from 1950 is particularly good. I find it surprising that this recording received little attention from EMI in the CD era, being much superior to the 1954 version in expression.