Beethoven Symphonies 6 & 8 HR (24 bits/96k)

Venezuela Symphony Orchestra
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A number of years have passed since I recorded with the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra, and I am very pleased with the result, both as a performance and also as a recording. The orchestra played very well, and we were able to get a very flexible and expressive performance. These are Beethoven symphonies that I have conducted less than the others available on this page, but I now feel that I have done these symphonies justice, at least according to my vision of them, which may not be to everyone's liking. I expect that some may consider these performances, particularly the 6th, too romantic and old fashioned, but that is exactly the type of interpretation I was after.

The enclosed booklet has an explanation of my view of both symphonies, which I expect are unusual to many. The 6th, to me, additionally to the depiction of nature, is a study of the relationship of the individual with the other. The process is dialectical, which explains why there are five movements, the last one being a synthesis.

The Eighth is a very problematic work, as I feel it begins in Beethoven's second period and ends in the third. I definitely do not see it as a look back to classicism.