Beethoven Symphonies 1 & 3

Carabobo Symphony Orchestra

The Eroica Symphony may be the greatest musical work in history, and its interpretation requires considerable thought and a clear idea of how it develops. This recording of the symphony, from 2001, may not be the most polished, but I believe it is among the most passionate, inspired in a mythological vision of the work. The Carabobo Symphony was, and is, a young orchestra, and with eight rehearsals to prepare for this concert (the most I ever had), the orchestra was thoroughly imbued with this vision. It may be my favorite recording of all that I have made. Also, this was the first time that I used the old seating arrangement with violins split left and right, an arrangement that I have used ever since.

The First Symphony dates from 1999. Again, the orchestra plays with wonderful expressiveness and fluidity. Although my idea of how this work should go has changed towards a more aggressive attitude, I find the genial quality very gratifying, perhaps because I sometimes wish that I still thought this way.

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