Beethoven Symphonies 1 & 3

Venezuela Symphony Orchestra

Here is another 1 & 3, this time from 2007. The Eroica is based on the same vision of the work as the one from 2001. The performance is more polished and has better sound, and could be considered a more "mature" interpretation. However, the one from 2001 is more flowing and passionate. Some may prefer that one and others this one. The attached booklet has a detailed explanation of my vision of this symphony, including an analogy with Michelangelo's Sixtine Ceiling. Those who download this recording are urged to read this analysis.

A comparison of the two First Symphonies is interesting in that the later one (this one) is often faster and more aggressive than the previous one. Both are "big" performances, however, as I don't agree at all with the idea that Beethoven's early symphonies are Haydnesque. Rather, they are Beethoven through and through, with the First Symphony already exhibiting most of the basic characteristics that will be present in Beethoven symphonies later on. For that reason, I believe this work should be played full-scale, accentuating what will be developed rather than what will be left behind. For Haydnesque symphonies, there are plenty of very good Haydn symphonies to listen to.

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