Beethoven Symphonies 2 & 4 HR (24 bits/96k)

Venezuela Symphony Orchestra

These are probably the two least played Beethoven symphonies. And yet, I think they are very interesting, although for very different reasons. Both recordings, by the way, are new, from 2018. The 2nd I find most interesting since, although most interpreters emphasize the classical aspects of the work, it is the Beethovenian aspects that are more interesting. It is better to look to where it is going than from where it came. This work is a transition to the Eroica, and a worthy one at that. I call it the “Symphony of Fire” because of all the musical flames that appear throughout. This may well be a reference to Prometheus, a god closely associated with fire and creation, and one that is an important inspiration for the Eroica Symphony and its association with the “Creatures of Prometheus” music. In the pdf booklet that comes in the download I go into more derail about this, concluding that with this Symphony, Beethoven destroys the Classical Symphony and forges the Beethoven Symphony.

The Fourth was the symphony that Beethoven composed is the shortest time of all. Since he has so little time, I think he simply used the classical form as a mold and poured his wonderful musical ideas into it. One must remember that this was a particularly fertile period in his life. One does have the feeling, however, that the music is in a straight-jacket and wants to burst out. I find this fascinating.

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