Beethoven Symphony No. 3 in Eb Major Op.55
Händel Concerto Grosso Op. 6.10

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - 1950

This is a great Eroica. Perhaps not quite as great as the 1944 Vienna recording, but it is close. If only the tympani were stronger. Also, the tempos are more flexible in the earlier performance. Still, the playing is very strong and very heroic. I always had problems because of the rather imprecise start. Maybe this is an example of what Philharmonia concertmaster Hugh Bean said that Furtwängler did not want precision. After that start, however, the orchestra plays magnificently. I find the last movement especially good. There is no other Eroica that can come close to the 1944 version. But this one does.

The Händel is wonderful. Furtwängler seemed to like this work very much. There are no fewer than four recordings of it that have been published. It is a very expressive performance, not at all like the HIP stuff one hears now. But it is so warm and has profound feeling.

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