Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D Minor Op. 125
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Elsa Cavelti
Ernst Haefliger, Otto Edelmann

Philharmonia Orchestra - Lucerne 1954

This is a famous Furtwängler Ninth. It is the last Ninth he conducted, only three months before his death. The sound is very good, except for the tympani and trumpets, which sound as though they were in a different space altogether. The sound is also somewhat dry. I have tried, with some success to make the sound more amalgamated and pleasant. As to the interpretation, it doesn’t reach the heights of the 1942 Ninth in Berlin or the 1951 performance at the opening of the Bayreuth Festival after the war. This one is not as intense and wild as the Berlin concert, and not as visionary as the Bayreuth one. Still, it is quite good and in excellent sound. Both these other performances are available at this website.

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