Mozart Symphony No. 39 in Eb Major K 543
Beethoven Symphony No. 4 in Bb Op. 60 (no audience)
Beethoven Coriolan Overture Op. 62

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - 1943

The Mozart Symphony is the studio recording with an unknown date, sometime in 1942 or 1943. Sometimes, there are doubts as to whether it is a genuine Furtwängler performance. However, I have no doubts about this when comparing with the other recording of this symphony from 1944. Predictably, as a studio recording, it is not as dramatic as the live performance. However, it has the grandness typical of his interpretations of this composer.

The Beethoven 4th Symphony was recorded in the same days as the live performance in CD 1102. It was recorded without an audience. While a little more controlled than the live 4th, it has a sense of structure that may be even superior to that one. The sound is also excellent. Furtwängler had a vision of this work that was Beethoven through and through. As stated in the text for CD 1102, his 4th is no "Greek maiden". It is a full blown dramatic Greek play.

The Coriolan is another of the greatest recordings ever made. I have never heard such a dramatic and urgent Coriolan! The sound is very good in the original recording, and with added weight and resonance, the result is overwhelming.

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