Brahms Symphony No. 2 in D Major Op. 73
Franck Symphony in D Minor

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - 1945

This was recorded in Furtwängler's last concert before fleeing to Switzerland. The intensity in this concert is palpable. Both works receive powerful interpretations. The last movement of the Brahms symphony so wild and ecstatic that it seems somewhat un-Brahmsian to me. We are fortunate to have this document of a complete concert program in conditions of utmost duress. I feel that the acoustic of the Musikverein is, at times, too reverberant. Still, equalization makes the musical lines clearer than I have ever heard before.

From Henry Fogel's review of this transfer: "I have heard this performance on DG, Japanese DG, Japanese Seven Seas, and French Furtwängler Society transfers, and Chibás' work is better than all of them."

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