Bruckner Symphony No. 8 in C Minor

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - 1944

There are four recordings of this symphony by Furtwängler. I was lucky that the first time I heard this symphony was in the EMI LP of the March 14, 1949 performance. I have never had such an impact from my first exposure to a work. Both that performance, and this one from 1944 are necessary in any Bruckner collection. One must have both. The sound is good, although there is a change of equalization from the middle of the 2nd movement to the end of the Adagio. During this period, bass drops off considerably. I have not heard this addressed in any of the versions that I have of this recording. Of course, it is corrected here, as much as it could be corrected, striving to keep the same sound as the rest of the symphony.

From Henry Fogel's review of this transfer: "I do find Chibás' firmer focus, and stronger timpani, bass, and cello presence, along with the somewhat wider dynamic range, to be the preferred version"

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