Bruckner Symphony No. 8 in C Minor

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - 1954

This is a strange Bruckner 8. The first published edition is used, which is odd, since from at least 1944, Furtwängler used his own version of the symphony with a combination of the Haas and this edition (Nowak had not been released). Why did Furtwängler not use his own version? It has been said that the orchestra did not have any other version except this first published edition. Perhaps that is the reason, but I find it hard to believe that the Vienna Philharmonic archives would not have the Haas as well.

The performance is slower than any of his other surviving recordings, especially the first and third movements. It is nevertheless a persuasive interpretation. Perhaps some of the other recordings are preferable, especially the 1944 Vienna performance, which is my favorite recording of that work.

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