Schubert Symphony No. 9 in C Major D 944
Schubert Symphony No. 8 in B Minor D. 759 (1st Mov.)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Stockholm, May 12, 1943

A wonderful performance! The Berlin 1942 9th is stronger and weightier in terms of expression, but this isn't far behind. I usually prefer Berlin Phiharmonic performances, but this has the added benefit of being a wartime recording. That makes it superior, in my view, to post-war Berlin performances. Particularly impressive is the Finale, with amazing thrust and speed, and even more amazing articulation by the orchestra, especially the strings. This last movement is wild and civilized at the same time.

The first movement of the 8th is dark and mysterious, a Furtwängler specialty. Pity that we only have one movement. It is interesting that we only have the first movement in both wartime recordings of this symphony. We have to wait until 1947 to get a complete "Unfinished".

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