Schumann Piano Cto. in A Minor Op. 54
Schumann Cello Cto. in A Minor Op. 129
Schumann Cello Cto. in A Minor Op. 129 (3rd Mov.)

Walter Gieseking, piano
Tibor De Machula, cello
Pierre Fournier, cello (3rd Movement only)

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - 1942 and 1943

Furtwängler made extraordinary performances of Schumann's First and Fourth Symphonies. These are the only performances we have of these concertos. Furtwängler's interpretations are strong and heroic. Gieseking is as good as one would expect from such a respected pianist. There is so much to take in about this work when listening to this performance. De Machula and Fournier give us very different perspectives of this work, although, unfortunately, only the last movement survived from the Fournier performance. The sound quality is good, presenting no problems for the remastering.

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